Jack Healey Blog March 21st, 2017

Don’t tell me about your bracket! I don’t care! It’s like making somebody watch your home movies.

Anyway if you win your “March Madness” bracket pool it doesn’t mean that you know more about college basketball than anybody else. It means you’re luckier than anybody else!

I hate the term “it’s tough to beat a team three times”. I agree with it too because it is tough to beat a team multiple times. My point is you don’t have to beat a team three times. You only have to do it once because you’ve already defeated them twice. Seems simple to me. The other games don’t have anything to do with the third game. They are separate entities. Funny how this seems to only be brought up when a team loses the third game. It’s a rationale for losing. Nobody ever seems to mention it when a team does beat another three times.

For the record in the girls basketball season just completed…Division 1 champ CVU defeated St. Johnsbury three times and St. Johnsbury defeated BFA-St. Albans three times! Division 4 champ MSJ defeated West Rutland three times!

Did the FBI really get involved in finding Tom Brady’s jersey? I guess the FBI doesn’t have enough to do nowadays.