Jack Healey Blog January 30th, 2017

Last week I pretty much said that I wouldn’t watch any of the NHL All Star game  or  the NFL Pro Bowl . I lied I did watch a little bit of both. A very little so don’t get me wrong! I guess it was because there was nothing else to do and not much going on in the off week before the Super Bowl.

I thought the NHL game was terrible. I would tune in for a couple of  seconds here and there and in about one second I would see a goal. That’s all I saw was goals. People like scoring I guess just like people like ice cream, but too much of either is sickening.

The NFL Pro Bowl wasn’t too bad.The final score of 20-13 AFC was somewhat a normal score and at least in the part I saw the players looked like they were actually trying or it least somewhat trying. It was a far cry from the Pro Bowl jokes of the past several years.

I even watched a little bit of the dodge ball and quarterback competition. It wasn’t that bad!

The Australian Open mens final got over Sunday morning. Unless you got up early to watch it, you knew who won when you got up on Sunday morning. My point is you heard about it all day Sunday so why is it

still be broadcast on Monday too. I understand the newspaper coverage, but on radio? I’m doing it myself in my radio job, but I don’t know why. I guess it is because several years ago I didn’t think I needed to report something on a Monday morning that was reported all day Sunday and somebody called and asked if I had anything against the Australian Open. Geez and the public thinks the media is stupid.