Jack Healey Blog January 27th, 2017

The NHL and NFL All Star games are on Sunday. Ho-Hum and I do mean Ho-Hum!

Is there a worse sports talk show on radio than the Jim Rome Show? It’s a three year old talking to a bunch of three year olds! It’s horrible!

Brent Musburger is stepping down and I’m going to miss him. Just like Joe Buck he seemed to take a lot of criticism and I don’t know why. A true professional and as smooth as can be behind the mic.

I agree with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo of the the MLB Network who says that it’s a little early to retire David Ortiz’ jersey #34. The Red Sox will retire Ortiz’ number on June 23rd this season. Mad Dog says why not do it next year or the year after because there were all kinds of Ortiz tributes last year.¬† Let it rest for a couple of years. The Yankees waited a couple of years before retiring Derek¬†Jeter’s number. His #2 will be retired this season as well on May 14th.