Jack Healey Blog January 26th, 2017

I wrote in my blog a couple of days ago that if Tom Brady has known Donald Trump for 14 years so what?

Yesterday both on ESPN’s “First Take” and ESPN’s “Around The Horn” programs the Tom Brady relationship with Trump was a topic. You have got to be kidding me!

Brady says he was friends with Trump before and doesn’t agree with everything Trump stands for. What more does he have to say? Brady is as “non political” as you can get which in my opinion is refreshing!

Bill Plaschke, a Los Angeles sportswriter who is also a panelist on “Around The Horn” went so far as to say that since Brady once showed a Trump cap that had the slogan”Make America Great Again” on it that he was in effect campaigning for him. What? Is he serious?Plaschke and others are embarrassing their profession. If Brady voted for Trump, again so what? He can do what he wants. Who he voted for  is nobody’s business. Just like who I voted for is nobody’s damn business!

Give Brady a break! Get off his case and let him continue to prepare for the Super Bowl in peace!