Jack Healey Blog January 20th, 2017

It’s the NFC Championship game on Sunday at 3:05 PM  with Atlanta hosting Green Bay and the AFC Championship game on Sunday at 6:40 PM with the Patriots hosting Pittsburgh.

I am really conflicted on these games as I don’t know which way to go. In the NFC I don’t think Atlanta can stop Green Bay and I don’t think Green Bay can stop Atlanta. I’m going with Green Bay.

In the AFC I am still concerned with the Patriots defense. I have said from the beginning that their defense isn’t that good despite its statistical rankings. They just haven’t played anybody especially prolific quarterbacks. Despite all that there is part of me that feels the Pats will find a way at home, but I’m going with Pittsburgh. My record to this point is 169-93.

The NBA All Star starters have been announced. Do you care who has been snubbed and who hasn’t? Not me!

This is not a political statement, I repeat this is not a political statement! New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has been appointed as the Ambassador to the UK. Johnson is a buffoon and if he’s as good at being an Ambassador as he is an NFL owner we will be at war with England within the next week, our first match-up with them since  the “War of 1812”!