Jack Healey Blog January 19th, 2017

Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell and Ivan Rodriguez will be going into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I thought at least three would get in yesterday and thought it would be Raines and Bagwell, but I thought the third one would be Trevor Hoffman. He just missed as he was just five votes shy and will get in next year.

I mentioned yesterday that I had my doubts about him being a Hall of Famer, but his numbers are there.

Rodriguez was a great catcher, but for those of you keeping score he is on the unofficial 2003 PED list and was implicated by Jose Canseco in his book. Jose Canseco said yesterday that he has his doubts about Jeff Bagwell too for that matter.

Yesterday I watched all kinds of stuff on the MLB Network and the PED thing came up more than once. Eric Byrnes talked about how he was clean, but he’s on the 2003 PED list himself. Tell me again how David Ortiz got a free pass?  Pedro Martinez and Roberto Alomar are both in the Hall and they are both on the 2003 list yet the one who is talked about the most is David Ortiz. That’s not a free pass to me, that’s just the opposite. Not defending him because I can’t say for sure he didn’t take something at other times, but people have to be fair when just pointing the finger at one guy.

If I had a vote I would vote for all the proven PED guys who have Hall of Fame numbers because you don’t know for sure who else did or didn’t. The floodgates have been open now anyway in my opinion.

By the way to think that Jeff Bagwell was once traded for Larry Andersen.