Jack Healey Blog January 18th,2017

I don’t care about a lot of things, but here are a few that come to mind recently:

I don’t care what Antonio Brown said or did or Mike Tomlin said or did in the locker room after the Steelers game on Sunday.

I don’t care what Bill Belichick or Tom Brady thought of it or said. They didn’t really say anything. They never do so what’s the point of asking them?

I don’t care if Roger Goodell goes to Gillette Stadium or not for the AFC championship game.

I don’t care about your lists of the teams you hate or love on social media.

I don’t care who you consider to be the most obnoxious fans etc., but I do care that you think your opinion is the final bottom line authority on the subject. They are opinions folks, not facts! I have my opinions on all those things too you know.

The list is longer, but I’ll leave it for another day.

2017 Class of the Hall of Fame will be announced later today. I agree with most who say that Tim Raines and Jeff Bagwell get in. I think one other gets in, but not sure who that might be. It might be Trevor Hoffman. I don’t necessarily agree that Hoffman is a Hall of Famer.

I do care about the Shrine Game and congratulations to Bob Lockerby of Bellows Falls for being named the 2017 Vermont Shrine coach. He’ll be bringing his Bellows Falls staff with him including good friend Mike Empey.