Jack Healey Blog January 11th, 2017

Don’t like the talk in the Boston media about how easy it will be for the Patriots to beat Houston on Saturday night. Maybe it will be easy maybe not, but this is an NFL team we’re talking about. “On Any Given Sunday or Saturday” whatever the case might be. It’s a cliche, but I truly believe it. You can’t take anything for granted and what has happened in the past has nothing to do with this game.

The good news is that I know that the Patriots themselves are taking nothing for granted.

The media isn’t perfect as I just gave you a case in point, but again social media is a different story.

I couldn’t believe it when I read somebody print that there was 0% chance for any other team in the NFL other than the Patriots to draft Clemson’s Hunter Renfrow. First off he isn’t in the draft this year, but secondly the reference is that he’s a white wide receiver. Blatantly a racist comment. Disgusting!