Jack Healey Blog February 13th, 2017

No football yesterday even though it was fun watching the Patriot five Super Bowl wins on the NFL channel yesterday as the snow storm got started.

Will some of you people let up on social media. I’m not talking about Patriot fans either. Let it go!

New England Patriots fans are rooting for the home team. I would hardly call them front runners.

I would call people from New England who root for the Packers, Cowboys , 49ers etc.the front runners who decided to root for those teams when they won championships.

I get it about New York Giant fans.

This Patriot fan has seen the Patriots at BU,BC, Harvard Stadium , Fenway Park, Schaefer Stadium or Sullivan Stadium. Never seen a game at Gillette Stadium which is the place where the Patriots have had most of their success. I’m hardly a front runner. As I said every day last week. Stop embarrassing yourselves!

Pitchers and catchers report today!