Jack Healey Blog February 10th, 2017

Athletes and Hollywood stars can comment on politics all they want for all I care, but I don’t have to listen to them.

Sports and politics don’t mix, but again that’s my opinion.

Basically I don’t care whether championship teams visit the White House or not, but personally I think politics shouldn’t be a reason for not going. I think it should be an honor to visit the White House no matter what.

Don’t criticize a player for not going to the White House like Tim Thomas and praise another Martellus Bennett for not going. You can’t have it both ways!

I still don’t get the criticism on Tom Brady for really not being political. I mean NOT BEING POLITICAL! It is astounding to me!

If I can mix politics and sports for a moment, I’m getting the feeling that there are a whole bunch of people out there who can’t accept the result of the Super Bowl just like there are a whole bunch of people who can’t accept the result of the general election. It’s kind of funny. Yesterday I saw a comment on social media that mentioned that the broadcast and print media never mentioned that Charles Haley was the first to win five Super Bowl rings and not Tom Brady. Of course it was never reported that Brady was the first, it was reported that Brady was the first quarterback. The stories were about the Super Bowl game that was played on Sunday.

The person who mentioned Haley said it wasn’t a knock on Brady. Yes it was or why bring it up? It was another example of people embarrassing themselves on social media. I’ve seen it all week and I continue to see it just about every day. In this case it was a person who can’t accept the result of the Super Bowl and is grasping at straws to make themselves feel better.

Finally I don’t think it’s anybody’s business who I voted for, but for full disclosure the general election didn’t come out for the person I voted for, but I’ve accepted the result. Now I’m just asking that people finally accept the Super Bowl result!