Jack Healey Blog December 2nd, 2016

Bad news for the Patriots as Rob Gronkowski is out for the season with a back injury. He could be back for the Super Bowl if the Patriots get that far. I’m concerned for Gronk as the injury could be career threatening.

From the team point of view the Patriots will miss him no doubt about that, but let me repeat whether Gronk plays or not, it’s about the defense! The Patriots defense is not a championship caliber defense!

Back to Gronk’s injury. There are some people on social media who are actually giddy about it. I read one comment that said if they can only get Brady next. Pretty pathetic if you ask me and the public has the audacity to talk about the media! Unbelievable!

Glad there is a new collective bargaining agreement in major league baseball. The team with the best overall record during the season having home field advantage in the World Series makes the most sense to me even though I liked the all star game winner hosting the Series better than alternating every year.

Not that Lebron James doesn’t deserve the Sports Illustrated “Sportsperson of the Year” award, but Come On Man, it should be the Chicago Cubs this year. It’s a no brainer! The Red Sox were the SI Sportsmen of the Year in 2004!