Jack Healey Blog April 20th, 2017

The Bruins are in a deep hole down 3-1 in their series with Ottawa, but teams have come back from 3-1 down before. It takes guts and character so we will see if the Bruins have what it takes.

The Patriots went to the White House and yes they were the first championship team to visit Donald Trump. My own personal opinion is that it is an honor and you should go regardless of your politics. I would go whether I agreed with the President or not.That being said I don’t care if players go or not. It’s their choice and it’s fine with me. I don’t care and nobody else should care either for that matter.

Also I don’t care whether Robert Kraft or Tom Brady are friends with Trump. They became friends long before Trump ran for President anyway so what’s the big deal?

Now the people who said that the trip to the White House should’ve been postponed because former Patriot Aaron Hernandez committed suicide. Why? What is going to change? I heard a reporter say  on ESPN yesterday that  the visit should’ve been delayed. I couldn’t believe it. Ridiculous!