Jack Healey Blog April 19th, 2017

I guess the Celtics can say they are really in trouble as they are down 2-0 to Chicago with the series moving to Chicago for the next two games. A #8 seed beating a #1 seed in the NBA is a rarity , but I repeat are the Celtics really a #1 seed? They kind of lucked into it and are sort of the #1 seed by default. That being said I liked the Celtics in 6 and thought they lucked out playing Chicago instead of Indiana. It looks like the Celtics really do have a match-up problem with the Bulls and of course are getting hammered in the rebounding department. Chicago at least right now seems to be the much better team with better players.

I know Brian Johnson got the win for the Red Sox last night, but is he the best the Sox have as a spot starter? I hope not!

As for the Bruins I don’t blame Tukka Rask for everything, but come on he has got to be better!