Jack Healey Blog April 11th, 2017

George and I will give you our predictions in the Stanley Cup playoffs today but here are mine in advance:


Bruins vs. Ottawa. Bruins were 0-3-1 or actually 0-4 against Ottawa in the regular season, but so what? Doesn’t mean anything now! Bruins in 6.

Rangers vs. Montreal. I think this could be the best opening round series featuring in my opinion the two best goalies in the world. Carey Price for Montreal and Henrik Lundqvist for the Rangers. Montreal in 7.

Toronto vs. Washington. Washington again wins the President’s Trophy for having the best record during the regular season. This could be the year for them. Washington in 5.

Columbus vs. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is the defending champ, but I say Columbus in 7.


Nashville vs. Chicago. Chicago in 6.

Calgary vs. Anaheim. Anaheim in 5.

St. Louis vs. Minnesota. Minnesota in 6.

San Jose vs. Edmonton. Edmonton in 7.