Go West Older Man

By Eric Berry

It’s hard to believe isn’t it? The narrative for all of us LeBron non-lovers(time to stop using the word hate) is that he no way would go west and play in the gauntlet that is certainly the NBA Western Conference. Considering that the 8th ranked team in the most recent playoffs, Minnesota, was pretty freakin’ good. See-Karl-Anthony Towns. Utah, San Antonio(with arguably the best coach every in Pop), Portland(Damian Lillard anyone), Oklahoma City(Russ, Paul George for awhile now, ‘Melo), Utah(Donovan Mitchell), some guy named Unibrow from New Orleans and I haven’t even mentioned the Golden State Warriors who come out you with seemingly the same amount of “warriors” as the Zulu Indians used to go to battle with(look that up it’s quite amazing). The Denver Nuggets missed the playoffs and they were 10 games OVER .500. They were the number 9 team in the West and didn’t make the playoffs. The last 3 teams to make the Eastern conference playoffs failed to have a record as good as the Nuggets to give you some context. I’m almost guaranteeing that someone from the East will get into the playoffs this year with a sub .500 record. Book it.

LeBron, or LABron as he is now being referred to, will have a tremendous amount of pressure on him. He always does. I, for one very loud spoken non-lover of all things LeBron(although I really do respect his game I just don’t act like it), am proud of this move by him. A)I hate(oops used it but this is a special occasion) the Lakers so this works for me, B)I see the chances of this experiment failing at very high, and C)Even if Kawhi Leonard and Jesus Christ himself join him, they still would have to avoid injuries, beat all the aforementioned teams, and basically walk on water JUST TO GET to the NBA Finals!

In retrospect all of the Sixers talk was nonsense. He saw failure in the Sixers. I see failure in the Sixers. He could have gone to Milwaukee and teamed with the Greek Freak, but who goes to Milwaukee? New York? Only Mars would be a worse place to play Mars Blackmon(look it up young grasshopper). He couldn’t stay in Cleveland. He would be too close to JR Smith. Had to get out of the same time zone as JR. Side note-can’t wait to see JR Smith suck so bad this year, even worse than last year mind you.

Here’s what I think happens with LeBron and LA going forward. I think they will give up their future(much like selling your soul to the Devil for immediate gain over long term salvation) and get Kawhi Leonard. They will give up the kitchen sink. But does it still get them a championship? Who knows.

On another note, if any of you think there wasn’t collusion going on during the entire 2017-2018 season you are completely misguided. I’ll bet Magic and LeBron were having talks for at least a year. I’d bet anything. I think all teams do it.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see someone like a Khris Middleton opt out of his contract after next year and join LeBron. The man can shoot, and LeBron needs shooters. JJ Reddick? Maybe he takes a reduced salary and joins him.

In the end I’m glad LeBron is no longer in the East. The Celtics, Sixers, Raptors and Bucks are now playing for the right to play in the NBA finals. It’s a four-team race. Maybe the Wizards have an outside shot.