David Price And Irritations Part Two!

By Jack Healey

Now that Chris Sale is at least right now not going to have Tommy John Surgery,but will miss some time with his elbow injury. Some media members are writing about how they think the Sox pitching staff is thin and they should never have traded David Price. Really? Where were you when the trade was made? Most of you were saying good riddance! Not me! I have said over and over and over again that Price was not terrible. Geez! Some of you people!
Now to the irritations part two:
Joe Buck,Troy Aikman,Tony Romo,John Smoltz, Dennis Eckersley and others all get criticized even though they are all great, but for some reoson Suzyn Waldman gets a pass. Unbelievable! I just don’t get that!
Boys basketball championship games are coming up this weekend at the Barre Auditorium and at UVM.
I never understood why there are fans who complain that teams 5 miles apart go to play a championship game at a venue over an hour away.Young basketball players grow up to play at the Barre Auditorium or UVM’s Patrick Gym or young hockey players grow up to play at the UVM Gutterson Fieldhouse.
If the Jets and Giants are scheduled to play in the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, I don’t think the NFL would reschedule the game for the Meadowlands because the travel is more convenient.
Speaking of the Barre Auditorium it is right out of Hoosiers and I love the place, but I feel the same way about Fenway Park. Yes I love it, but if they decide to level it and build a new one it would be just fine with me.