Come On Man

By Jack Healey
Let’s see: Giant fans had Daniel Jones in the Hall of Fame after one game.You heard the fans had it wrong and the Giants had it right when Jones was drafted #6 overall and had a good game or two. Jones might go on to be a great quarterback, but you can’t draw any conclusions after a few games! Come on man! I get it, you put Jones in the Hall of Fame, but give no credit to Tom Brady who has been doing it for 20 years and has won 6 Super Bowls. Come on man!
Speaking of Brady, lay off his scene in the Netflix movie that implies he was criticizing Robert Kraft. Who cares? Like Spye Gate and Deflate Gate, it’s much ado About Nothing! Come on man!
I have addressed this before, but some national media still don’t get it about the “Equal Pay” tee-shirts worn by the Burlington girls soccer teams. I repeat that the four players received yellow cards because they took off their uniform tops, not because of the “Equal Pay” statement. It’s against the rules to take off the uniform top thus the yellow cards. I know many want to make it about the statement, but sorry no it isn’t ! I haven’t heard one person disagree with the statement. Not one! Come on man!