Bill O’Brien To Dan Quinn…..”Hold My Beer.”

By Jack Healey
Wow! What a melt down by the Houston Texans. They were up 24-0 and blew it. Not a good day for Bill O’Brien. Not a good day for Romeo Crennel either for that matter.
To me the turning point was Houston settling for a field goal up 21-0 on 4th and short instead of going for it. The fake punt turned out badly, but if Houston got the first down everybody would say great play,great call! As Howard Cosell used to say hindsight is 20-20. Appropriate in the year 2020.
I went 1-3 in my divisional playoff predictions and now stand at 3-5 in the playoffs and 153-110 overall.
If Kansas City and Green Bay both win in their Conference Championship games this Sunday the Super Bowl would be the two teams who met in the first Super Bowl in 1967. That would be kind of neat!
I’m 25-15 in my College football bowl predictions and to repeat my National Championship Game prediction tonight I am going with LSU over Clemson.