Baseball, NFL and High School football

By Jack Healey
The Yankees swept Minnesota in three straight and it wasn’t even that close. I thought Minnesota would win at least one game and after winning the AL Central the Twins season is right down the drain! It’s unbelievable how the Yankees have dominated the Twins over the years. Just incredible!
The Yankees now await the winner of Houston vs. Tampa Bay.I really thought the match-up for the AL East winner would be more difficult because it had to play either Oakland or Tampa Bay rather than Minnesota and that is true. Houston has a 2-1 lead and if Tampa Bay wins tonight things would get very interesting. If the Astros had won in three straight they would have Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole set up in games 1 and 2 in Houston in the ACLS, but Verlander has to go in game 4 tonight on short rest. if Houston wins tonight then no problem as the Astros would just have Cole in game 1 and Verlander in game 2. Same pitchers, just reversed. If Tampa Bay wins tonight, then Houston you’ve got a problem as Cole would have to go on Thursday.Of course it would be game 5 and anything can happen, but if Houston wins Cole couldn’t go in the ALCS until game 3 in New York.
Tropicana Field actually looks pretty good when its almost filled.
Both National League Division series go to a game 5 tomorrow. How good is that?
I went 8-7 in my NFL picks this week and my overall record is now 43-34.
Solid week in high school as I went 12-2 and now stand at 66-22.