Baseball, Hot Dogs And Apple Pie!

By Jack Healey
Just thinking:
I wish that major league baseball still had 4th of July doubleheaders.
I remember to going to a few 4th of July doubleheaders at Fenway Park when I was a kid and it always seemed to be the Red Sox and the Yankees.
In the National League it always seemed to be the Dodgers and the Giants. I remember the “Today Show” broadcasting live from the Polo Grounds on the morning of the 4th of July.
Why can’t sports fans be more objective? All I see on social media after let’s say a Red Sox loss to the Yankees is “Wow Red Sox nation is really quiet tonight!” Geez, can’t you do better than that? If I ever got a call saying that on a sports talk show I’m hosting I wouldn’t be able to hang up fast enough.
To me the definition of an objective sports fan is to give credit to teams and players that you don’t like. Is it really so hard to give somebody like Tom Brady at least a little bit of credit?
Criticizing a team or a player that you like is not being objective. Everybody does that. It’s called frustration, not objectivity.
Like him or not, John Sterling is still going strong at the age of 80. the “Voice of the Yankees” celebrated his 80th birthday on the 4th of July which in itself is kind of neat. All of us in sports broadcasting know it’s tough to retire. It’s like a drug!
I think I could win the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest.
I live just up the street from the 4th of July fireworks display in Rutland and I slept through the whole thing!
I hope everybody had a great holiday!