Alex Cora Is Toast!

By Jack Healey
Yes Alex Cora is the Common denominator between the Houston Astros and the Red Sox in the electronic sign stealing scandal.People are aware of the Astros’ punishment and I assume the Sox get something similar depending on what the commissioner deems necessary.
I expected some kind of punishment for both the Astros and the Red Sox, but what the Astros got yesterday is way more than I thought it would be.
I have said in my blog that I thought what the Astros and Sox did was the high tech version of scuffing baseballs or watering down the infield in the the old days as far as getting a competitive edge is concerned.I guess the commissioner doesn’t agree.
Two things to remember. The Yankees lost to the Astros in the 2017 playoffs, but so did the Red Sox.Also since there were in-person monitors in the video rooms during the 2018 post season, there is no way anybody could call the 2018 World Series tainted.
Two questions:
Do you think that the Astros and the Red Sox are the only teams guilty of this? What about Carlos Beltran,formerly with the Astros and now the manager of the Mets?
LSU defeated Clemson to win the national championship in college football and so I finish at 26-15 for the post season.