A Gutty Win And A Remarkable Streak!

By Jack Healey
I’ve often said that objectivity in sports is not criticizing teams that you root for as everybody does that plus it makes fans feel better if their teams are losing. Objectivity is giving credit to teams you don’t like. That is always the most difficult thing to do for the average sports fan.
I don’t care whether you like the Patriots or not,but you have to tip your cap to them after their big win over Buffalo on Saturday which clinched the Patriots’ 11th consecutive AFC East Division title and their 17th title in 19 years. Many fans downplay the accomplishment because the AFC East is the AFC Least and blah,blah,blah. Hogwash! It’s remarkable and you have to give them credit! If you don’t, then you are just the average nitwit on social media! No credibility!
These aren’t the Atlanta Braves or Buffalo Bills of the 90’s. The Patriots have been to nine Super Bowls during that time and won six of them. One of the years that the Patriots didn’t win the AFC East they finished 11-5 and didn’t win the division because of the tiebreaker.
Yea I would say pretty impressive Patriots! Well done!
Rich Eisen of the NFL Network leaves a lot to be desired on play by play. Rich….Stick to your studio job!