George Commo’s Blog – Sunday Evening 1/15/17

You want a nomination for the unsung hero of the local sports weekend? I’m sure there are more than a few out there but I can’t think of any better ones than this … Sydney Isbell of Chatham University.


Yup, Sydney Isbell. Chatham University … a D-3 school in the Pittsburgh area. Why does she qualify for a local unsung hero award?

Well Isbell and her hockey teammates were in Plattsburgh this weekend for a two game series with the three time defending national champion Cardinals. They lost twice, 10-0 on Saturday and 7-1 earlier this afternoon at Stafford Ice Arena. But nobody can blame Isbell for those two defeats.

Isbell is the Chatham goaltender … in fact she is the only goaltender the Cougars brought on the trip. She faced the full power charge of the Plattsburgh juggernaut. In two days … 120 minutes of hockey she faced 118 shots. She allowed 17 goals … that means 101 saves in two days! She stopped 35 of 45 on Saturday and followed it up with 66 of 73 today!

I know the NFL Playoffs are going on … local teams played in all sorts of local venues all weekend long and will continue into the MLK Holiday Monday tomorrow … but to me the most lasting impression was made by a young women in goaltending gear in Plattsburgh.

I may never see Sydney Isabell play again but I don’t have to. I saw enough this afternoon.