Jack Healey Blog January 16th, 2017

Two great games yesterday in the NFL Divisional round.In the NFC Green Bay defeated Dallas 34-31. Aaron Rodgers is something. I have no problem calling him the best right now or even the best ever. No quarterback can do what he does and he has been unbelievable over the last several weeks. So it will be Green Bay at Atlanta for the NFC championship on Sunday at 3:05. I can see the score being something like 55-50.

In the AFC Pittsburgh beat Kansas City 18-16. I was surprised the score was that low. That Pittsburgh offense is usually prolific and it looks like their defense is coming along too. On that 2 point conversion by Kansas City that would’ve tied the game, but was negated by a holding penalty. It was clearly holding and the right call. Officials can be criticized for a lot of bad calls in the NFL, but not on that play. It was a good call.

The Patriots will host Pittsburgh in the AFC championship game on Sunday at 6:40. This is where we find out if the Patriots defense is legit or a paper tiger. From here on in the Patriots face a prolific quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger this week and if they get by him either Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan.

On the Patriots victory over Houston on Saturday…they were fortunate. It’s tough to predict routs. The game was closer than the final score would indicate, but the Patriots still won by 18 points which actually covered the point spread. I don’t care about the point spread as you either win or lose, but just thought I’d point it out.

Tom Brady wasn’t sharp, but you can’t overlook that he still threw for 287 yards and two touchdowns. He threw a couple of picks, but did complete some huge passes so he wasn’t terrible.

I went 2-2 in my picks this week and my overall record is now 169-93.