George Commo’s Blog – Monday 9/12/16

When was the last time that Patriots fans were surprised to be 1-0? I’d say you would need to go back more than a few years.  The Pats beat Arizona last night on the road 23-21 in the season opener. No Brady, no Gronk, no Ninkovich, no problem … at least for one night … yes they did dodge a howitzer shell in the form of a 47 yard field goal at the end that went wide left but hey … a win is a win is a win, and all of a sudden the next three weeks without Brady … all in Foxboro … don’t look nearly as formidable as fans had thought.

It was a wild opening day in the league  … I’ll use that as an excuse for a less than great 9-5 prognostication record heading into the final two games on the schedule tonight in Washington (I’ve got the Steelers) and San Francisco (I’ve got the Rams).

Meanwhile my high school weekend was better … 14-3 … as was my Free Press week … 10-4 … but there is still work to be done there.


A couple of other things … you’ve got to hope the Red Sox keep putting up runs … 24 in two wins … just 2 in a loss in Toronto. Next up back to Fenway and the Orioles starting tonight.


And if you care they are already playing exhibition games up north preparatory for the World Cup of Hockey  … TEAM U-S-A under Coach John Tortorella looks like they are going to try to run over teams physically … and a team to watch might be TEAM North America … the hybrid group of U-S and Canadian high draft picks 23 years old and under … they can FLY and will be a fun team to watch!