World Series Great Late Night TV, But …

Game one of the world Series last night was great high drama late night TV … too bad few people were awake to see the final act.

TV is paying baseball millions but for what? The game is choking slowly to death on TV money. Yes the ratings were good for the first couple of rounds … a good sign for sure.

But so much of that was driven by the Cubs and the Dodgers and the powerful Blue Jays. I fear that the numbers will not be as good for this series … and even if they are the audience the game needs desperately to reach, the kids who will watch it in the future, were long since in bed.

A solution to this problem? Sorry, I don’t really have one although a Saturday day game might be a nice place to start. But something must be done.
I for one do not want to see the game I love most wither up slowly and die. But without the base of young fans to keep it going, I fear that is the direction it is heading in.