Sox-Yankees, Those Umpires and Dan Le Batard

By Jack Healey
The Red Sox start up a four game series against the Yankees at Fenway tonight. I don’t think the Red Sox win more than one game in the series and this series could make the series in London look like a pitcher’s duel.
It was comical watching the umpires in the Sox-Tampa Bay game yesterday trying to decide what to do with the Tampa Bay line-up. The umpires were absolutely clueless. They didn’t know what to do.
ESPN’s Dan Le Batard was taken to task for talking politics on his radio show recently. People tune in to listen to sports, not politics.
I don’t really hear Le Batard that often on his radio show, but I do watch his ESPN TV show “Highly Questionable” every once in awhile. That’s the show that Le Batard does with his dad and a number of other people.I used to think the show was a complete joke and ridiculous, but I actually have grown to like it especially Le Batard’s dad. I think his dad is a piece of work!
There were many who supported Le Batard when he gave up his Hall of Fame vote and let readers decide. This happened back in 2014 and the readers actually did a great job on the ballot, but it made a mockery of the system so Le Batard’s Hall of Fame vote was taken away from him and rightfully so. I will agree the system is flawed, but what Le Batard did was uncalled for.