Momentum Again! THE MLB Draft

By Jack Healey
Let me say it AGAIN! Let’s see Toronto wins game 1 of the NBA Finals and carries that momentum into a victory in game 2. Wait a minute it didn’t happen because momentum doesn’t carry over from game to game. I repeat and repeat and repeat that I will stop talking about it when coaches, players, media members and dimwits on facebook and twitter stop talking about it.
In the NHL, the Bruins win game 1 and then St. Louis wins game 2 in overtime and takes that momentum into game 3 at home, but wait a minute it didn’t happen AGAIN! I watched the pre-game show before game 3 in St. Louis and that’s all they talked about. Yes they did talk about it over and over and over again. What happens in game 3? The Bruins score three goals in the first period and go on to win the game 7-2. So much for momentum AGAIN! Of course the Bruins had momentum going into game 4, but wait a minute! AGAIN! Of course nobody ever says it except me apparently, but every game is a separate entity. What happens in one game has nothing to do with what happens in the next game, but for some reason coaches, players, media members and dimwits on facebook and twitter seem to think it does. It’s unbelievable to me that people don’t get that.
Do you think officials are influenced? I like to think not, but between games games 3 and 4 St. Louis coach Craig Berube whined about the number of penalties called against his team so you know what happens? In game 4 just three penalties are called against his team with two against the same player and the other a delay of game penalty. Coincidence? I think not. Pat Riley and Phil Jackson used to pull that crap all the time. I will say that there weren’t that many penalties called overall, but you should get my point.
The Major League baseball draft got underway last night. There are no guarantees in baseball and it’s completely different from the NBA and the NFL and to a certain extent the NHL. The first two rounds were last night, but there is a real good chance that a future Hall of Fame or two haven’t even been drafted yet. Hall of Famer Mike Piazza was drafted in the 62nd round and was the #1,390th player chosen overall. Wade Boggs was taken in the 7th round. Even Randy Johnson was taken in the 2nd round.