George Commo’s Blog – Wednesday 11-2-16

We’ve got it! There will be a Game Seven in the 2016 World Series. The Cubs took care of that with  9-3 win over the Indians on Tuesday night.

So now it is down to one game.  You have to think the Tribe are the favorites. They have their ace Corey Kluber lined up to start. He will be working on three days rest but with Andrew Miller and the rest of of their big pieces rested and ready in the bullpen that should not be an issue.

Meanwhile his Cubs have forced a Game Seven but has Joe Maddon backed himself into a corner? Aroldis Chapman is a horse but has Maddon pushed the horse too far by using him as much as he has … especially on Tuesday night with a big lead. Maddon knows his team better than I do, but the lack of confidence he has shown in the rest of his bullpen has got to leave you wondering … if he needs those guys on Wednesday night will they be up to the challenge? He doesn’t seem to think they will.

My pick before the Series began … Indians in 7. I’m sticking with it.

But regardless the real winners will be baseball and it’s fans. Game Sevens are special. I can’t wait!