George Commo’s Blog – Thursday 9/15/16

The pennant race has definitely reached the home stretch. I realized that Wednesday night when I threw the TV remote across the room in frustration moments after Hanley Ramirez fanned to end the Red Sox 1-0 loss to the Orioles. ONE TO NOTHING??? REALLY???

Now here come the Yankees … four games starting tonight at Fenway.


Tonight also marks the beginning of Week Two of the NFL season …

My picks …

Jets over the Bills

Giants over the Saints

Lions over the Titans

Cowboys over the Redskins

Chiefs over the Texans

Pats over Dolphins

Ravens over the Browns

Panthers over the Niners

Steelers over Bengals

Cardinals over the Bucs

Seahawks over the Rams

Raiders over the Falcons

Jags over the Chargers

Broncos over the Colts

Packers over the Vikes

Eagles over the Bears