George Commo’s Blog – Christmas Eve Afternoon 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there.

I know a sports blog on a sports website must seem like a strange place to be writing this but I’m going to anyway. Did you see Chris Gasper’s column in Friday’s Boston Globe? It was exciting for me because up until then I felt like the lone wolf out there screaming in the wilderness. WHY DO WE NEED TO HAVE SPORTS EVENTS SCHEDULED ON CHRISTMAS? Gasper’s column was a welcomed departure from the vast majority of our brothers and sisters in sports media.

I for one cannot understand people who can’t wait to get away from the tree, the presents and the family and sit down in front of the tube to watch the Celtics and Knicks, or whatever other dull boring game the NBA decides to lay before them. The NBA tradition of the holiday has become first game tipoff at 12 noon on Christmas Day. 12 NOON? Really?

Even if you agree, as I grudgingly do, that playing games in the late afternoon or during the evening on Christmas Day isn’t such a bad thing, you have to agree 12 noon is disgraceful! Not only does it screwup Christmas morning for the players, the coaches and their families, it does the same thing for the media, for the ticket takers and concessions people and all the others who are forced into making it a work day just like any other workday.

This year with Christmas falling on a Sunday the NFL has been forced into working around the day as well, and I’ll give them credit with adjusting their schedule to get most of the games away from the Holiday. And yes, I am about to switch on the Patriots/Jets game and I’ll watch the first half and a little bit of the second as I get ready to head off to 4:00 o’clock Mass. But after that it is Christmas Eve and no more football, basketball or tiddlywinks will cross my screen until 4:30 or so tomorrow afternoon.

There are more important things in life … take the time to enjoy them with those you love! And again, Happy Holidays!