NESCAC Help Page

Dual/Quad View Assistance:

Feel free to try out our new dual and quad view player features to let you watch multiple games happening at the same time. Simply use the icons below the video player window to select how many screens you would like to have, and what games you want on each screen. This is a great way to catch all the action at once!

While using the dual/quad view system, please keep in mind that each individual game must be played within the homepage of the host school. Therefore, you may only use the multi view system for games being hosted by the same school. Example: School A is hosting School B, the event will play on the School A home page. If you wish to view another game using the multi view system, it must also be hosted by School A, otherwise you will simply be taken to the host school home page to view the game.

We have experienced some bugs with the new player that we are working on, however. Here are some things to keep in mind while using this new feature.


If you are connected to the internet with a lower speed connection (under 2MBps), you may experience some choppiness, or videos not playing correctly as you play multiple videos at once. This is because each video playing utilizes a certain amount of your available bandwidth (roughly 1MBps), so if you are trying to watch four games at once and your internet cannot keep up, you will experience some strange behavior. The best thing to do in this situation is to stick to single or dual view, and enjoy fewer screens at higher quality.

You can check your internet speed HERE to determine if bandwidth may be causing viewing issues for you.


The newest features of our player are best viewed using the latest web browsers. We recommend Google Chrome, but the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge are also great options. If you are using an old browser (Internet Explorer), you may experience strange behavior or be unable to view the events at all.  Below are some links to download and install the latest browsers, once you do that, restart your computer and see if any issues have been resolved.

Google Chrome – DOWNLOAD HERE

Mozilla Firefox – DOWNLOAD HERE

Microsoft Edge – DOWNLOAD HERE

We also recommend installing the latest Adobe Flash Player on your computer, this can resolve issues with video playback as well.


Viewing on Smart TVs:

We are always working to make our feeds available on every device from any location.  Smart TVs are changing rapidly and with each new generation comes new challenges concerning compatibility with our platform. If you are unable to view an event from your Smart TV, please reach out to us via our help button and provide your TV make and model, and we will work to resolve whatever issue is occurring, in a timely manner.

Mobile Viewing:

We strive to make our platform as mobile friendly and intuitive as possible. Our platform is currently supported on all the latest iPhone/iPad/iOS devices as well as Android. We do not support iPads older than 3rd generation, so we apologize for any problems related to older iOS devices.

If you have any other issues not addressed in this section, please use our help button to relay them to us and a tech will reach out to you and help resolve the problem.


The NSN Team