Toilet(Super) Bowl Thoughts!

Usually during the playoffs or the Super Bowl I write down some thoughts for the following day’s blog.  Yesterday was no different.  Other than the fact that I think I’ve now got a sinus infection.  Two weeks straight of sickness-this thing has to go.  Anyway, enough with the poo poo party, here’s my thoughts:

  1. I wonder what Emmitt Smith thinks when he watches today’s running backs.  I mean, CJ Anderson runs for a 30+ yard gain and has to come out the next play.  Denver brings in Ronnie Hillman who stands at four foot three and weighs in at 12 pounds.  I mean, I know I’m exaggerating, but, I’m guessing Hillman had more negative runs than positive runs over the past 6 games.
  2. Gary Kubiak’s playcalling is absolutely atrocious and falls right in line with thought 1 of this blog.  Talk about calling plays in an effort not to lose.  How about trying to win?  It is obvious that everyone knew that Peyton Manning didn’t have anything in the tank and that the defense is going to have to win it.
  3. Ronnie Hillman.  Ronnie Freaking Hillman.  Are you kidding me?
  4. Carolina is trying to block Von Miller with one lineman.  No chip block, nothing.  Pretty smart.
  5. Someone posted something on Facebook about the sound system at halftime being purchased at Radio Shack.  Funny thing is, I thought the same thing.  I couldn’t hear the lead singers. Not that I wanted to, but still.
  6. Defense has overtaken offense in the NFL.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Unless they make rules that allow offensive lineman to block down field on pass plays, hence they get to attack the D-ends, etc., this will continue to happen.  You can’t stop someone running backwards who is running forwards.  Simply Physics. And I did really bad in Physics.
  7. When Denver should run, they pass. When they should pass, they run.  The best playcalling was on the first drive of the game.  After that it was all downhill-like sliding on a toboggan down Mt. Everest type of downhill.  Brutal.
  8. How does Carolina punt the ball when you are down 14 points?  I mean, even if you don’t get the first down and lose by 3 or 7 more points what difference does it make?  You play to win the game!  Kevin Kelley at Pulaski Academy(the coach who barely ever punts) must have vomited profusely when he saw this.
  9. I predicted Denver would win 23-20 in this game.  Knowing that with Wade Phillips and Ron Rivera there is a powerful combination of bad luck between them, something had to give. My thought was Rivera would do some bonehead things and get the worst of it on the luck side. Turns out I was right.
  10. There needs to be an infinite amount of challenges in the Super Bowl. It’s the biggest game of the year.  There are more camera angles than imaginable.  You know, like the one we didn’t see on the Jericho Cotchery “non-catch”?  I mean, show me an angle that shows conclusive evidence that HE DIDN’T catch that ball.  I mean really.  And how about the sack/challenge Rivera had to use when Manning was sacked but no one with the naked eye, under very fast circumstances could see it?  I think it’s proof positive that officials can’t see that stuff at full speed.  But coaches shouldn’t be forced to use a challenge.  It should be automatically fixed by rule.  IT’S THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR WITH BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON THE LINE-WHY CAN’T WE DO IT RIGHT?  MADDENING!
  11. Upon further review of my Super Bowl Squares it appears that Graham Gano’s upright smashing on his third quarter field goal attempt cost me $1,000 smackaroos. I’d like to thank Graham for coming through for me-NOT.
  12. What is up with Cam Newton’s press conference after the game?  Sure, he’s down.  I’m not sure how I’d react.  But wasn’t he the one who said something to the effect of, “No one has ever seen a QB like me before?”  You’re right Cam, Russell Wilson would have dove on that loose ball.  Hell Peyton Manning would have given 10 times the effort you did on that play.  Embarrassing doesn’t even describe it.

In the end Peyton gets to walk off into the sunset while Pats fan here in New England cringe at that very vision.  Of course, each Pats fan will fire back that Peyton didn’t win as many Super Bowls, blah blah blah, as Gisele, I mean Boy Wonder, but he won this one-and that’s all that matters to him, or any of his fans!  And I am one of his fans.