By Jack Healey
Tiger wins the Masters! That is one of the greatest sports stories ever! Who would’ve thought that Tiger would somehow win another Masters,14 years after his last one and 11 years since his last major? Jim McKay used to say before ABC’s Wide World of Sports “The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat…The Human Drama of Athletic Competition!” It sure was the “human drama of athletic competition” and it was the “thrill of victory” after so many years of the “agony of defeat” for Tiger Woods. Yes it was one of the greatest sports stories ever! Tiger is back!
How about Jim Nantz? First of all the perfect description of Tiger’s victory…”The Return To Glory”. All that less than a week after calling the NCAA’s men basketball Final 4!
The NBA and NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are underway.
Columbus is up 3-0 on Tampa Bay.Remember it’s all about the playoffs in the NHL and the NBA. You can spend the whole season battling for home ice or home court and it all goes down the drain in one game.
Toronto’s Nazem Kadri should get at least a five game suspension, but I wouldn’t be completely surprised if he gets only one or two.
It’s the Boston Marathon today, the granddaddy of all Marathons. We can never forget what happened in 2013!