The Dartmouth PA Guy

By Jack Healey
Rutland native John Cameron whose cousins are Mike Cameron of WSYB radio in Rutland and former MSJ and Fair Haven head football coach Brian Grady, who is now the offensive coordinator at Castleton, was the public address announcer of the Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl Game on Saturday at Dave Wolk Stadium at Castleton University. John who lives in Lebanon, New Hampshire has been the PA voice of the Shrine game for several years and he is also the PA voice of Dartmouth football and Dartmouth mens hockey. Dartmouth will meet Ivy League rival Princeton on Saturday November 9th in football and the game will be played at Yankee Stadium and Dartmouth will be the home team so John will handle the PA duties at the Stadium.
I’ve written here that the announcers who sub for Jim Rome are better than he is. I take it back. I heard JT The Brick sub for Rome last week and he is is much worse! Can’t they just talk like adults and stop acting like two year olds? They both sound like facebook and twitter dimwits. I heard JT The Brick on his Fox Sports radio show some years ago and he went on a rant saying that it was a disgrace that local radio stations would preempt his show for local sporting events. He had to be kidding! What an ego! By the way Jim Rome has been named to the 2019 Radio Hall of Fame. Go figure!

Dale Arnold wasn’t a bad hockey play by play guy for the Bruins or for the Patriots, but baseball isn’t his thing. He is terrible on the Red Sox play by play!