The Bruins and Tukka Rask

By Jack Healey
The Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals after sweeping Carolina in the Eastern Conference Finals.
Tukka Rask has been fantastic and he is the front runner for the Conn Smythe Trophy, but he has to close the deal.
If the Bruins don’t go on the win the cup the playoffs to this point would be just a footnote in history. Yes if Rask and the Bruins don’t go on to win, it would be like the Red Sox not winning the World Series in 2004 after beating the Yankees or the USA not beating Finland for the gold medal after beating the Russians in the 1980 Olympics.Luckily those two things didn’t happen, but the Patriots not beating the Giants in the 2008 Super Bowl after going 18-0 did happen so of course that season went right down the drain. If the Bruins don’t win the Cup this season is right down the drain too!
The Bruins making it to the Stanley Cup Finals is not that big of a deal as this is their 20th appearance, but their record to this point in the Finals is 6-13. The Bruins have got to win because getting there and losing is no good. They have done that plenty of times.
The Bruins sweep in the playoffs is the 4th time that has happened this year and in the previous times the team that won in the sweep goes on to lose in the next series. In two of those series the team that swept was swept themselves in the next series.
Columbus swept Tampa Bay and then lost to the Bruins in 6.
The Islanders swept Pittsburgh and then got swept by Carolina and of course Carolina then was swept by the Bruins. Why did that happen? The teams that swept should’ve had momentum. Oh wait a minute we know that is complete nonsense!
The teams were rusty because they had a long layoff. Could be, but it’s a nice excuse anyway. A rest at this time of the year is a good thing, not a bad thing.
The teams suffer a let down after big wins. Could be, but that should never happen because it is after all….THE PLAYOFFS!
The bottom line is that one series has nothing to do with the next series. It’s different match-ups, players etc.!
Go Bruins!!! We want the Cup!!!