Tampa Bay….No Way!

By Jack Healey
I think the Tampa Bay/ Montreal discussion is ridiculous! It will never fly and do you think the Major League Players Association would ever go for that? Of course not! What free agent would ever sign with a team that would split its home games in two different locations, two different countries in two cities almost 1500 miles apart?
The Kansas City/Omaha Kings tried to split seasons in the NBA some years ago and Kansas City and Omaha are only 185 miles apart. Neither place has a franchise now.
The Green Bay Packers used to play a few games a year in Milwaukee and the Celtics used to play “home” games in Providence, RI and in Hartford, Conn. for a handful of games per year.
Bruce Bosley has done a great job with the revamping of the Vermont-New Hampshire Twin State Baseball Classic. Bruce knows more about Vermont sports history than anybody.The two games last Saturday in White River ran to perfection. It’s great to have the baseball games back again as the series was started again in 2015 after an 11 year hiatus. Otter Valley’s Josh Beayon was the Vermont MVP as the two teams split. The Vermont boys won and the Vermont girls lost in lacrosse and Vermont won in field hockey this past weekend . The Vermont-New Hampshire scorecard now reads Vermont 3 New Hampshire 2. Next up the Girls and Boys Make-A-Wish Ice Hockey games on Saturday June 29th at the UVM Gutterson Fieldhouse.