Random Thoughts

By Jack Healey
Giant fans can’t be too happy about losing Odell Beckam,Jr.?
Jets fans have to be happy about signing Le’Veon Bell. He did sit out a year which isn’t always a good thing.
I know this is called the “legal tampering” period, but it’s funny that the Patriots are the only team that hasn’t done anything during that time.
You know, the cheaters who are probably behind the college admission scandal.
Patriot fans are panicking that the Patriots haven’t signed anybody.I think the team that has won two of the last three Super Bowls, three of the last five and have been to the Super Bowl three years in a row know what they’re doing.
Michael Bennett says he will talk to Bill Belichick and Tom Brady about voting for Donald Trump. Who cares who they voted for and unless they said so how does Bennett know who they voted for?
I know everybody has a bad game once in awhile, but it’s games like last night that make me not trust Tukka Rask. Sorry Tukka fans! I can’t help it!
I know fans aren’t happy with the Celtics and they are underachieving, but their record is now 41-27. It isn’t terrible.
Spring training games don’t count!
Maybe I should apply to Harvard or Yale. Maybe I can get in this time.