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Has anyone noticed how absolutely terrible the marking of the football is after a play is dead in high school?  Seriously, after a tackle is made it seems like they just arbitrarily set the ball down with no regard to where the player’s knee, and ball accordingly, were when they are ruled down.  It’s so bad that I’ve heard every high school coach talk about it ad nauseam for the past 3 years.  Something has to be done.

Some Yankees fans hate Arod even though he is one of the main reasons they won the 2009 World Series.  Imagine if in a few years after his retirement he says something to the effect that he saw Derek Jeter take steroids or HGH, but has no proof.  Can’t you see Arod just doing something like that?  Maybe even he isn’t stupid enough to do that but you never know.

From the department of “I know I’m not smart enough to be a baseball GM and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night”, but, all year long I opined that JBJ, Mookie Betts, and Rusney Castillo should have been in the outfield.  Since the Sox have done that they have been absolutely unreal in the outfield defensively.  Further, the Red Sox are now working out Hanley Ramirez in preparing him to play first base.  Again, I said they should have done that all year long!  Napoli was just brutal over there and was worse at the plate.  We had Daniel Nava on the roster wayyyyy longer than he should have been, but you’ve heard that narrative already.

I’m not a hockey aficionado but I may only know three players on the Bruins next year off of the top of my head after the off season of change they have gone through.  Quickly, Tuuka Rask, Patrice Bergeron, and Zdeno Chara.  After that I got nothing.  Scoff now hockey fans.

In Lyndon Institute’s victory over North Country I was so impressed with the heart that Ryley Rodger, Tyler Smith, and their fellow lineman showed throughout the game, both offensively and defensively.  In my mind, they won the game by dominating the trenches.

Oh how I would have liked to have called the SJA/Brattleboro first half the other day!  34-27 after ONE HALF of play!  George Commo you lucky son of a gun, that seemingly never happens to/for me and we all know I like offense.

Does anyone else think that the Green Bay Packers signing of James Jones really doesn’t mean a lot? I mean, why would the Giants cut him if he were any good?  The Pack seem high on their youngsters, and adding Jones will only take valuable time away from said young guys, so what gives?  Maybe Randall Cobb isn’t going to be ready?

I know one thing I cannot wait for football season to start.  The fall is here; well at least it’s supposed to be!  I know some of you are enjoying this heat, as for me, I’m ready for things to cool down a bit.

Back to the Sox:  The Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez signings could go down as two of the worst in Sox history unless they turn things around.  I don’t see it though.  I though Sandoval was nothing more than a little above average regular season player who got hot at the right time, or times as it were.  Ramirez seems to be hurt more than me, and that’s hard to do(the other day I tweaked my Achilles reffing a 5th and 6th grade Pop Warner game).

The Serena and Venus Williams doesn’t seem like a “rivalry” as everyone says it is.  Serena will beat her again and Venus will graciously walk off center court.  I’d bet my house on it.

And finally, from the “obligatory statements about Deflategate that must happen in every sports article, column, and blog” I have this to offer; Imagine twenty years from now when Roger Goodell is in a retirement home with a couple of marbles rattling around in his head(one more than most people give him credit for right now but still) and he realizes he finished off his tenure as the NFL Commissioner because of some air pressure(or not some air pressure) in a few footballs.  At that point an aneurysm might occur.

Alright, have a great sports week everyone, and cheer on my Minnesota Vikings!