Post Super Bowl 50

My prediction was Carolina 35 Denver 20. Boy did I ever whiff on that one!

I really thought Cam Newton would do pretty much what he has done all year. I never anticipated how bad he would be.

The defense had a lot to do with it, but I probably didn’t give them enough credit. I know they were #1, but  I just didn’t put them up there with the Bears, Giants and Ravens in other Super Bowls. I was wrong about that.

I  thought a good part of Denver’s success in the AFC championship game  was because of the Patriots’ horrendous offensive line, so I figured no way will the Broncos be able to do that against the Carolina offensive line. Well they did and I was wrong again! I wonder if the Carolina offensive line coach will be fired today.

The defense was great as I said, but I really think Carolina contributed to it. Dropped balls and just stupid mistakes plagued them.

I thought the defining play was the Carolina catch that wasn’t in the first quarter. Come on why wasn’t that overturned? it wasn’t even close. That was  a possible 14 point swing. Not saying the outcome would’ve been different, but I would say the complexion of the game turned completely.

Peyton Manning gets his 2nd Super Bowl championship and even though he wasn’t that good either he played well enough to win. You either win or you don’t and he won!

By the way I’ve said many times before, Peyton’s legacy was written a long time ago. Win or lose yesterday it wasn’t going to be changed one bit in my opinion.

Other thoughts:

I thought Lady Ga Ga or however you spell her name was great singing the national anthem. I didn’t watch the halftime show, but my wife thought it was pretty good.

I can’t say the commercials were that good either. I only remember a couple. the Doritos commercial with the baby in the womb was pretty good and the Alec Baldwin-Dan Marino commercial was pretty good too even though I don’t remember what they were advertising.

I thought the booing of Tom Brady was really Bush League when the Super Bowl MVP’s were introduced. I get it when you are being introduced in a game you’re playing in, but when the history of the game is being celebrated, I think the booing was uncalled for and Classless!

It seemed to me that Deion Branch and Ray Lewis got booed too, but not as lustily as Brady.

and finally I think Jim Nanz  and Phil Simms were top notch!