No 4 Game Sweep, Shrine Football And Legion Baseball

By Jack Healey
I mentioned last week that I would be surprised if the Red Sox won more than one game in the 4 game series with the Yankees at Fenway over the weekend.The Sox did better than I thought winning three out four, but it really isn’t good enough. When you win the first three of a series and end up not winning the 4th game it’s a disappointment especially when your so called ace is going in game 4. So the Sox end up only gaining two games on the Yankees instead of 4 and Chris Sale is 5-10. The Sox needed a big game from him and didn’t get it. The Sox are 9 games behind the Yankees and win or lose last night they aren’t going to catch them. To me the important thing is to not get buried in the wild card race. If the playoffs started today the Sox would not be in them.There is enough blame to go around if they don’t make it, but one person who certainly has to take his share of the blame is Chris Sale.
Interesting that the Mets picked up Marcus Stroman from Toronto. Would it surprise you if they turn around and deal him to the Yankees?
Let’s see the Blue Jays come back from a 7 run deficit to beat Tampa Bay on Saturday so they ride into Sunday’s game with momentum and beat Tampa Bay again. Wait a minute… No they don’t! Not only does Toronto not win, but as was the case with Tampa Bay on Saturday it blows a 7 run lead. Go figure!! This momentum thing is really confusing! Just like Milwaukee scoring three in the last of the 10th to beat the Cubs on Saturday and then riding that momentum into a victory on Sunday except that they lost 11-4.
The State American Legion baseball Tournament is going on. It’s great baseball and yes it’s better than high school baseball, but there should never be four games scheduled for one day. Invariably there will be rain delays or a game will run long so you have to deal with darkness if there are no lights at the venue as is the case this year.
The Legion programs still list the rosters with no numbers. That makes no sense.
A nice new touch this year though with the All League teams being announced for the Northern Division and the Southern Division.
It’s hard to believe, but the Vermont and New Hampshire Shrine football players have reported to camp in preparation for the 66th annual game coming up this Saturday August 3rd.
The Shrine Game is still special especially for the players and the Shriners Hospitals. There are plenty of very good players from New Hampshire so don’t let anybody kid you! New Hampshire has players from Nashua North and South as well as Manchester Memorial, Pinkerton Academy and Bedford to name a few. Those schools have huge enrollments compared to Vermont high schools.