NFL Picks Week #3 And The Idiot Not from Boston Talk Show Host

By Jack Healey
I went 9-7 in the NFL picks last week and my overall record is now 19-12.
Here goes:
Thursday September 19th
Tennessee over Jacksonville
Sunday September 22nd
Buffalo over Cincinnati
Dallas over Miami
Green Bay over Denver
Atlanta over Indianapolis
Kansas City over Baltimore
Minnesota over Oakland
NE Patriots over NY Jets
Philadelphia over Detroit
Arizona over Carolina
Tampa Bay over NY Giants
LA Chargers over Houston
San Francisco over Pittsburgh
Seattle over New Orleans
LA Rams over Cleveland
Monday September 23rd
Chicago over Washington

Heard the hosts on a Boston radio station yesterday talking about the Mike Yastrzemski homer on Tuesday night as just a nice moment. They couldn’t understand the over reaction. They have got to be kidding! There wasn’t enough of a reaction. Talk about not getting it. I shouldn’t be surprised in this day and age of trash talking garbage sports talk shows and blithering idiots commenting on social media.
They said Carl Yastrzemski wasn’t a Hall of Famer.HELLO? Yaz had 3000 hits. That in itself is all you need to be a Hall of Famer. No surprise as the host of this particular show isn’t from Boston and just doesn’t get it. The other host is from Boston and should get it, but the wimp is too busy sucking up to the not from Boston host. Pretty pathetic!