Jack Healey’s Blog June 19th, 2017

As of this writing the Red Sox and Yankees are tied for first in the American League East, but let’s go back to Saturday night.

That night the Sox are a game out of first place and they trot out Rick Porcello. Yes Rick Porcello, the most bogus Cy Young Award winner in baseball history.

I know the Red Sox have no other choice, but this guy has been bad, real bad. He gives up three runs in a game against Houston and then gives up two home-runs and then the next thing you know the Sox are down 6-0. OK Houston can hit, but what about Porcello’s start against Philadelphia? He gives up four runs in the first inning in a game the Red Sox luckily did come back to win. By the way Philly can’t hit!

Porcello is 3-9 with an ERA of 5.05. Let me repeat! The guy has been bad. Real bad! Of course there is an elephant in the room and I mean that literally as well as figuratively. Pablo Sandoval has been beyond pathetic which is part of the reason the Red Sox go through these droughts in which they just can’t score. Shutout by Philly, scored 2 runs against Houston in a win and then 1 run against Houston in a loss.

All that and they stand in a tie for first place. To quote Barry Manilow two days after his 74th birthday…”It’s A Miracle!”