Jack Healey Blog January 25th, 2017

In mens college basketball last night #1 Villanova, #2 Kansas and #4 Kentucky all losing last night. Meanwhile on the womens side UCONN won its 94th straight. Unbelievable!

The story is on this website, but it’s great to see Hobart joining the New England Hockey Conference next season. Hobart, a mens program is currently #7 in the country in the US College Hockey Online poll.

When Chris Carter was playing people used to say “All he does is catch touchdowns” and he is a Hall of Famer, but let me say he is a great broadcaster. I really enjoy listening to him on various sports talk shows. He is fantastic!

Another great announcer is Joe Buck and I can’t understand the “hate” he receives. He is as smooth as can be on both baseball and football. He recently was criticized by fans for being overly excited about the Cubs winning the World Series. Really? The Cubs won the Series for the first time since 1908 so how was he supposed to sound? Broadcasting to the moment does not mean he was rooting for the Cubs, he shows his tremendous skill. I still think Joe Buck’s calls at the end of the Red Sox World Series victories were top notch and far better than the calls by Red Sox voice Joe Castiglione. Especially the call in 2004! In a recent interview I heard Buck say it’s the bias in the public, not the bias in the announcer. I agree as I’ve been saying that for years!