Hypocrites And High School Football Week #3

By Jack Healey
I’ve addressed the Antonio Brown situation 100 times and I respect the accuser, but for many of you who are taking the moral high ground….CUT THE BULL!!!
It’s about the Patriots! It’s about the Patriots being better with Brown and you know it! Where were you when Ben Roethlisberger was accused of rape not once, but twice? How about Kobe Bryant, Luke Walton, The Duke lacrosse team and hundreds of others? The list goes on and on and in many cases the charges have been dropped or proved to be not true. If Brown is guilty he will be punished by a suspension or being released and rightfully so, but seriously why should any of you care?
There isn’t one fan base in the NFL, not one, that should be pointing the finger at anybody. Nope not one, whether it be sexual assault, domestic abuse, PED’s, drug usage and on and on and on!
Giant fans should be reminded that Josh Brown played five games after he was accused of domestic abuse before he was released.
Come on man! Cut the BULL!! Hypocrites!
Back to having a good week in high school football as I went 13-2 and my overall record is now 30-14.
By the way is it asking too much to have high school football rosters that are up to date and accurate? Many rosters have wrong names or wrong rosters etc. I suppose it would be asking too much to have pronunciation guides too!