Who Is This Guy?

By Jack Healey
I’m talking about an NFL quarterback:
2006: Won Divisional round against Philadelphia 27-24 and lost to Chicago in NFC championship game 39-14
2007: Missed playoffs
2008: Missed playoffs
2009: Won Divisional round against Arizona 45-14, won conference championship over Minnesota 31-28 and won Super Bowl against Indianapolis 31-17
2010: Lost wildcard to Seattle 41-36
2011: Won wildcard against Detroit 45-28 and lost in divisional round to San Francisco 36-32
2012: Missed playoffs
2013: Won wildcard against Philadelphia 26-24 and lost in divisional round to Seattle 23-15
2014: Missed playoffs
2015: Missed playoffs
2016: Missed playoffs
2017: Won wildcard against Carolina 31-26 and lost in divisional round to Minnesota 29-24
2018: Won in divisional round over Philadelphia 20-14 and lost Conference Championship game to LA Rams in OT 26-23
2019: Lost wildcard to Minnesota in OT 26-20
This guy won one Super Bowl, missed the playoffs 6 times and had two one and dones so why isn’t anybody talking about his retirement? His name is Drew Brees and not Tom Brady. That is why plain and simple. It’s ant-Brady bias that’s all!
Let me just say that I think Drew Brees is great and top 5 all-time, but COME ON MAN!!!!