The World Series And I Love That Dirty Water!

By Jack Healey
The World Series is over and with it a few thoughts:
I never imagined I’d see the Red Sox win one World Series in my lifetime, let alone four.
Only Sox fans of my generation would understand.
I think Steve Pearce deserved to win the World Series MVP, but so did others like David Price and Nathan Eovaldi.
A lot of David Price bandwagon jumpers I’m sure. Many fans wanted him shipped out of town, but I wasn’t one of them. I said during this season that he wasn’t terrible. A year ago I said he was OK, but he has to be better. I think that assessment at the time was an accurate one.
I was very critical of the bull pen and I thought it would be the Sox’ achilles. Didn’t everybody? They were unbelievable and who would’ve thought that Joe Kelly for example would turn into Cy Young? Of course the starters who pitched in the bull pen were a big help.
Have to be happy for Ian Kinsler. He would’ve gone down in history as this generation’s Bill Buckner if the Sox didn’t come back to win the series after losing game 3 in 18 innings.
Did you see that long embrace that Kinsler had with his dad after the game last night?
Speaking of winning the series after a heartbreaking loss, can you people stop talking about momentum? The Sox won the next two games after that.
Remember 2013 when the Sox lost game 3 after the interference call at 3rd base and went down 2 games to 1? Tim McCarver said they may never recover. Well they never lost in the Series again, won three straight and won the Series 4 games to 2. As I’ve said before momentum from game to game is the dumbest cliche in sports. Stop saying it! It’s ridiculous!
Now the announcers:
Joe Buck and John Smoltz were excellent. Sorry Joe Buck haters! Joe Buck is great!
Alex Rodriguez was excellent on the Fox pre and post game show. David Ortiz and Frank Thomas were not so great. Why were they even there? They added nothing!
Joe Girardi was the best guy on the MLB Network even though they are all very good.
Leave it to at least one person who is a ” stick in the mud.” That person is Alex Reimer of WEEI Boston who tweeted minutes after game 5 that this Red Sox team is “dead to him”if they choose to visit the White House. Really? Who cares if they choose to or not? If anybody cares they are idiots!
I would go if I just won a championship and I think players should go too, but if they don’t want to go that is their right.
One last thing:
“I love that Dirty Water!”