The National Anthem

By Jack Healey

Everybody has an opinion on the NFL ruling and the National Anthem. There probably shouldn’t have been a ruling at all because it just stirs up the pot again. That being said here is my feeling on it again. I think any player has a right to kneel or protest the National Anthem or the flag if they want to. That of course is anybody’s right. In the case of the NFL players I understand the reasons for the protests and I sympathize with them. I understand that players say they mean no disrespect, but regardless of your intentions the protesting is showing disrespect whether you think so or not.
I repeat everybody has the right, but I have the right to think it’s disrespectful. I always try to give complete attention to the National Anthem when I hear it, but at times I’m not paying complete attention. I might be looking at my notes or writing down a line-up during the Anthem and that is also being disrespectful. It might not be intentional, but no matter what the reason it is still being disrespectful.
Of course fans have a right to boycott games if they want to, but personally I don’t see the point in it. I enjoy watching the games so why would I punish myself by not watching? It seems silly to me. There are fans who say they are boycotting, but many of them aren’t fans anyway. Not all of course, but I think many of those who boycott games are casual fans so it doesn’t make much difference to them whether they watch the games or not.
It’s game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals tonight. I would be shocked if the Celtics wrapped it up tonight and I would be surprised, but not shocked if Houston wraps up the Western Conference Finals tomorrow. I see two game 7’s coming up. One in Boston on Sunday and another at Golden State on Monday.
I say Washington beats Vegas in 6 in the Stanley Cup Final which starts on Monday.
In high school softball a couple of days ago Otter Valley defeated Fair Haven by a score of 6-3. That in itself isn’t significant, but earlier in the season Fair Haven defeated Otter Valley by a score of 41-1. Do you still wonder why I always say every game is a separate entity and one game has nothing to do with another?