Super Bowl Surprise, Julian Edelman And Tom Brady

By Jack Healey
I am surprised that the Patriots got to the Super Bowl let alone win it. My thoughts right up until the end of the season.
I am shocked that the score was 13-3. Once they did get to the Super Bowl in this game I thought the Patriots would win 31-24. Most of the predictions I saw were pretty much what I had. Nobody had a low scoring game.
I can understand why many fans thought the game was boring, but I looked at it as great defense and if you had a rooting interest it was exciting. To me it was like a 1-0 game in baseball.
Julian Edelman had a great game, but the MVP should’ve been somebody from the defense like Dont’a Hightower, Jason McCourty or Stephon Gilmore.
This game was won by the defense no doubt.The defense lost the two Super Bowl games to the Giants and lost the game last year to Philadelphia. Don’t be deceived by the offensive output in the two Giant losses as the Patriots had the lead in the final couple of minutes in both games and blew it. No different than a closer blowing a lead in the 9th inning.
It wasn’t one of Tom Brady’s best games, but he wasn’t terrible. He was 21 of 35 for 262 yards and an interception which should’ve been caught by Chris Hogan by the way.
Brady wasn’t great because remember the Rams were playing great defense or have you forgotten that already? Brady was great in the 4th quarter though wasn’t he? Again I’ll draw the analogy to baseball. Brady struck out in his first three at bats and then hit a home-run in the last of the 9th.
By the way if you throw a pass to get a first and goal at the 2 yard line what difference does it make if you throw a touchdown pass or not if you eventually score anyway? Geez some of these national pundits won’t let it go on the Brady bashing. One of them still blames the Super Bowl loss on Brady last year and he threw for 505 yards.
Some of the national pundits are no different than the morons on social media. Believe me the morons were out in full force yesterday and they weren’t Patriot fans.
Nobody has mentioned this, but I will. The Patriots never lost another game after the “Miami Miracle”. Of course the Dolphins never won another game after the “Miami Miracle” either.
So it’s another Duck Boat victory parade today through the streets of downtown Boston.
There have been 12 Duck Boat parades since 2002! It never gets old!