Red Sox and Yankees

The Red Sox and Yankees part 2. I say the Yankees win 2 out of 3 in this series. I have as much chance as David Price winning game 2 of the series. I’m wondering if the Sox shouldn’t put him back in the bull pen as he was pretty good coming out of the pen at the end of last season. The Yankees have been unbelievable and they are really scary. I knew they would be good, but maybe not this good. I did think their pitching was a lot better than what many people were saying. Buckle up! It should be great.
I enjoyed being the MC at the 25th annual scholar-athlete awards dinner at Castleton on Sunday night. On top of the athletes being honored I was impressed by the two winners of the “Most Courageous Award”. That award went to Skylar Stone of North Country Union High School and Brayden Duggan of Colchester High School. The legendary Ken Squire was given the “Distinguished American Award” and his speech had everybody roaring with laughter. It was a great night and it was to celebrate football which is alive and well in the Green Mountain State!
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